Online Plant and Machinery Auctions

Want to compete online with the biggest and best machinery auctioneers in the world? Here’s how we can help.

Online auction software has enabled plant and machinery auctioneers all over the world to engage bidders online, and to increase profits by offering an interactive marketplace whereby bidders can purchase assets from anywhere in the world.

Our software is running online auctions every day all over world, and we want you to join in on the action. Forget geographical limitations and being confined to your direct geographical region. We want to help you sell more, more often. 

A huge benefit of our software is that it does not require you to invest in any hardware, programs or licenses for your plant and machinery auctions. We provide you everything to get online and start competing with the biggest auction companies in the world, and we can set you up to start running online plant and machinery auctions from your own website within hours.

Make no mistake, we understand plant and machinery auctions, and have helped our clients sell hundreds of millions online over the last ten years. We are known in the marketplace as a highly trusted partner of auctioneers around the world.

Scalable plant and machinery online auction software

Our platform can scale up and down as per your requirements.

This platform will sit in your website and will grow with your business. Some of the world biggest and well known companies use this platform everyday. 

Our custom branding and colours solution means it’s your brand that bidders see, not ours.

You have access to every bidder who registers to bid so that you can promote your online auctions and other events as well.

Whether your machinery business is large or small, we have the solution for you. 

Features and Benefits

Our auctions are simple to set up and manage and run from your own website. We use the latest in HTML5 video technology to ensure that the platform runs smoothly across all modern browsers and devices and can be accessed without the need to download apps.

Your brand is at the forefront of the auction platform, which is styled in your brands’ colours and logos.

Our auction platform is simple to use and can be set up to be running plant and machinery auctions within hours. Our worldwide support and marketing assistance are setup to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

We firmly believe that Your confidentiality and your customers are yours only, and will never be swapped or remarketed to. Our system is feature rich, and allows you to list as many lots, pictures and videos as you like, run entire auctions from a tablet with our mobile clerking feature.

Our system is jam-packed with useful admin features and you can run timed, sealed and webcast auctions with the click of a button. Features like pre-bidding, bid extension and staggering come as standard.

What’s more, your bidders will be even more pleased with the system, with the ability to see bids in real time, receive auto outbid notifications and pay for items online using our in-build payment and invoicing system.

With over ten years experience helping plant and machinery auctioneers worldwide we have the knowledge and experience to help your business. We’re all about increasing the accessibility of your online auctions. Expand your market, and allow your bidders to bid from any where, at any time. It’s as simple as that.